When Pain Dictates Matters On Us

When Pain Dictates Matters On Us
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Efren Alvarez Galapon
Manager, Corporate Quality
Mobile Business Company Ltd. (MBUZZ)
Riyadh, Saudi Arabiapain fotos-hori.portraittx-back

Today, I asked our Account Executive, Kamal, about his back pain that afflicted him lately. He replied with, “I am okay now because I am taking pain killer.”

Then I quickly asked him, “What if you don’t take pain killer?” and he said, “I’d feel the pain again . . . and the level [degree of pain] would be 6 – 7 in a scale of 1 to 10.” A level of 10 means disabled or cannot move and rendered dysfunctional.

pain fotos-hori.portraittx-headI continued my conversation with Kamal and asked him, “Did it ever occur in your life that what you imagined, like a gun battle in a street near your residence, froze you into inaction?” He said “Not at all.”

And I asked him one last question, “Did it ever occur to you that an intense feeling or emotion, like sadness coming from loss of love one or fear of sort, immobilized you?” He said, “Not really.”

As carnal creatures, we are composed of three vital pain fotos-hori.portraittx-emocomponents: body, mind, and emotion (feeling). As adherents to Deity figures, we ascribe another component called “spirit.” The social sciences, like, sociology, anthropology, economics, among other, view man (you, me and the rest of the people around the globe) as a social creature.

Our bodies manifest our physical existence; otherwise, we are invisible ghosts or spirits. The human body is designed as encasement that protects two primary organs—the brain and the heart—without which, no one could ever thrive or exist.

Each individual (except those with inborn disabilities or physiological defects, like being blind at birth) born to this world is endowed with a body and a potential for mental, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being in later life. These attributes make a person a human being but not a brute.

The key attributes of the human being have requisite needs though.

The body must be fed with nutrients so that various internal organs must function accordingly. The mind must be educated early on about what is good and evil as well as what is right and wrong in order to produce leaders who would make right judgments and decisions for their prospective constituents. Families must keep procreating and never stop caring for their offspring in order to sustain a pool of good human species. Institutions must provide services to citizenry conducive to quality life and not just mere living or existing. Individuals must learn how to live harmoniously with each other and must likewise promote and practice cooperation instead of ugly and undesirable competition.

Deprivation of needs upsets the homeostasis.

It also brings forth pain that truly hurts.

Pain has a function—it tells us there is something wrong going on inside us or around us.

If we do not feel hunger, we may forget to feed ourselves thereby starving our stomach creating trouble for us later. If we do not feel pain after being struck hard by a hard object on our head, we may not bother bringing ourselves to a clinic to be cured of a serious physical injury. If our colleagues in our work stop talking to us, at first, we may disregard it; but soon, we feel the sting of collective silent treatment thrown at us for doing something that perhaps offended them.

Pain can be avoided. Simply observe: the laws of nature—eat balanced diet, sleep sufficiently, do not smoke; the golden rule—do unto others what you would like others do unto you. Or, do good here on Earth in order to go to Heaven.

Pain can be also inflicted unto others purposefully and deliberately. Spread gossips in the Internet through social media, like, Facebook, and you can drive one into committing suicide. Prolong the approval of promotion of one subordinate while hastening the promotion of the other would elicit a bitter feeling of resentment and mental anguish from the aggrieved who may be even motivated to kill his superior.

Pain can be controlled, albeit temporarily. Take pain killers for your back pain. Buy pleasure, if you’ve got money, if only to alleviate the pain of loneliness.

pain fotos-hori.portraittx-measureFeeling pain is human, natural, and normal. However, the degree of pain received by an individual has certain level of impact on him. Thus, pain is measureable, too. The level of pain can be measured with a carefully constructed measurement device, like a questionnaire with predetermined rating scale, say, between 1 to 10 for a question to be asked.

When was the last time pain dictated matters on you physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, or, perhaps, spiritually?

When Pain Dictates Matters On Us

(Click above to access PDF file)


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