Cost effective and satisfactory SERVICES listed below are provided:

  1. Organizational Transformation and Change Management Consultancy Services
  2. Design and development of Quality Management System (QMS) leading to ISO 9001:2008 Standard Compliance Certification
  3. Design and development of Environmental Management System (EMS) leading to ISO 14001:2004 Standard Compliance Certification
  4. Design and development of Occupational Health & Safety Management System (OHAS) leading to ISO 18001:2007 Standard Compliance Certification
  5. Design and development of Information Security Management System (ISMS) leading to ISO 27001:2005 Standard Compliance Certification
  6. Design and development of HRM (Human Resource Management) System
  7. Design and development of Integrated Management Information System (IMIS) leading to automated information system
  8. IT network design and development services including outsourced IT HelpDesk Services
  9. Design and development of Accounting System with Peach Tree Accounting Application
  10. Assessment, design and development of office work environment with complete floor plan and furniture layout
  11. ISO Standard Compliance Audits: a) Quality Management System Supplier Audits; b) Environmental Management System Supplier Audits; c) Safety Audits; d) Information Security Audit
  12. Financial Audits (based on international Generally Accepted Accounting Principles)
  13. Bookkeeping
  14. Technical Writing

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